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van conversions

Learn from experience, build from experience, grow from experience.

At Lonewolf Adventure Co, we pull from years of experience building and outfitting campervans. From wiring electrical and solar panel installation to simple indoor fixtures and wall paneling, we're here for you. We work with each customer individually to find a build and budget that fits your needs. 

We also specialize in consultation services, we come to you armed with expertise and resources to get the job done right. We believe nothing is more valuable than knowledge, why buy a solar setup when you can be taught how to build one? Contact us today to find out more.

From weekend warrior to full time vanlifer, a house battery setup is essential for offgrid exploring. 

Using high quality materials, we build each electrical system from the ground up. We will work with you to determine your unique needs and be sure you have a system that will never leave you hanging.

With every connection heat shrinked, every wire fused, and power cutoffs at all essential points, we assure you safety and longevity are our number one concerns.

Planning on extended says in the backcountry? Don't want to worry about keeping your house batteries charged? Install solar panels! With each passing year solar energy is becoming increasingly affordable, why not make the jump?

Looking to install a roof fan or other accessory but not sure where to make the first cut? We will come to you and be there every step of the way.


With our consultation services, you have access to years of experience outfitting campervans. Not only will you get the job done right, but you'll learn how to do it yourself.

When converting campervans, every job is different. There is no assembly line, instruction manual, or pre-cut materials. We pride ourselves in ingenuity, recognizing every customer has unique needs and concerns. We approach every new endeavour with an open mind and listening ear. 

Ready to get started but don't have a garage or a work area? We have a full workshop located in Buellton, CA, about 45 minuted north of Santa Barbara. Contact us today to start building your dream van!